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Cardiff is a city full of students and it’s important for them to get to school quickly and without spending a lot of money. However, waiting for busses is not ideal, so you must find a better and faster way to solve this issue. That’s where Taxi2Cardiff comes into play. We have some of the best and most dependable taxis in Cardiff, and we are here to help all clients to fulfill their transportation needs. Since we are locals to Cardiff, we know how hard it can be for students to get to their classes quickly. That’s especially true for students that stay rather far away from their school or university.

How can we help?

As the best Cardiff taxi company, we are here to help and provide the right amount of assistance and support. Taxi2Cardiff is offering a discount for students in both Cardiff and the neighboring cities. We know that there are only a few well-reputed universities and we want to make it easy for students to reach their classes without being late. Thanks to this special discount, students can rely on our service to not be late to their classes. We believe in delivering the best value and quality, and you will certainly appreciate the value being brought to the table. This discount is valid for UK and international students as well.

How can students take advantage of this offer?

All you need to do is to CLICK HERE and then register as a student to receive a discount voucher. The great thing about this system is that once you get the voucher, it remains valid until your study ID will expire. This way you will have no problem getting an amazing experience every time and lower prices until you finish your studies.

In order to receive the discount in question we recommend you fill the personal information, student ID and university name, as well as the ID expiry date. Our system will provide you with an automated discount code that you can use whenever you see fit.

Whether you’re looking for a taxi to Bristol airport or Heathrow airport or just want to pay less for your student transportation, we are here to help. We are the best Cardiff airport taxi and city taxi service provider and we will be more than happy to assist with any request.


We believe in offering our customers the best value and experience, and we want to support the young generations as much as possible. With our help you will get access to the best taxi services without spending a lot of money. If you want to make the most out of this offer, don’t hesitate and register now. You just have to show that you are indeed a student and we will reward you with a discount code that you can use whenever you want. Student transportation in Cardiff has never been easier, all you need is to try out the Taxi2Cardiff services today!